Asunder Available now!

Steam Theory is pleased to announce the January 19th release date for Asunder, its most ambitious recording to date. Composed, performed and recorded by Jason Denkevitz, the album combines Orchestral, Progressive Rock, Metal, and Jazz Fusion musical styles. Available as a double cd digipak from Bandcamp and, Asunder is also available as a digital release from Bandcamp,, iTunesAmazon-Mp3, Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Music Store, and other online music services beginning January 19th, 2015.

The album represents a different direction from 2012's Helios Rider album, with a focus on larger arrangements incorporating heavy use of orchestral instrumentation, often in lieu of traditional keyboard parts. Attempting to fuse several genres together, the goal was to maintain a priority on strong themes and melodies. Employing heavily syncopated drumming, electric and acoustic guitars, fretted and fretless bass, rhodes keyboard and orchestral string and horn arrangements, the album includes 13 songs totaling over 85 minutes of music.

 From the Music Street Journal review of Asunder:

Asunder: "It is beautiful and mellow with chorale vocals gliding over the top..." "This thing really gets quite powerful and soaring later" 

Adrift: "It's an inspired piece of music that really drives forward and soars"

No Such Thing: "This has a real hard edged modern King Crimson kind of vibe going" "...furious and yet has a lot of melody."

Fireflies: "It's a really powerful piece of music. In a lot of ways it feels like music to a science fiction movie."

Intar: "There are some great middle Eastern melodies built into this. The music ranges from more symphonic to more rocking. This is actually one of my favorite songs..."

Shyft: "...quite a dynamic and ever changing musical tapestry. There is some scorching hot guitar soloing later in the track."

From the Prog Archives review by Kelvin W (4 out of 5 stars).:

"Steam Theory is the personal musical project of Jason Denkevitz, through which he creates prog that takes in various styles and influences at different times, and so creating unique sounds and songs. "Asunder" is an excellent collection of such tracks, generally in the realm of a very compelling and enjoyable power prog, but open to a whole landscape of sonic mixes and experimentation."

"As a whole, the album is a great collection of prog that features some other excellent tangents, altogether well played and put together."

Gadi Caplan: "Steam Theory just released a new album called "Asunder," which is fantastic!" Steam Theory featured as Band of the Week.

Stuffer White, Host of Light Without Heat"Very refreshing to hear great new music like this" "Brilliant stuff here..."


 Check out the Trailer below!