Studio Albums


Steam Theory has released 3 Studio Albums:

ASUNDER was released January 19th, 2015. A double length album, it combines elements of orchestral music, progressive rock, and jazz fusion musical styles. It includes 13 songs, with a total run time of over 85 minutes.The focus was on larger arrangements incorporating heavy use of orchestral instrumentation in lieu of traditional keyboard parts. Available as a double cd digipak from cdbaby, Asunder is also available as a digital release from cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon-Mp3 and other services. Jason composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and played all instruments (Fretted and Fretless Electric, Acoustic, and Synth Guitars, Bass guitars, Electric Sitar, Keyboards and drum programming). 

HELIOS RIDER was the second Steam Theory album, released March 1st 2012. The songs cover a range of styles including Instrumental and Progressive Rock, Americana, Blues, Funk, and Fusion. Guest musicians included Karras Johnson (Drums on 'Sunstorm'), Sherif Shalaan (keys on 'Sunstorm'), and Ori Boker (keys on 'Helios Rider'). The album was nominated for "Best Foreign Record 2012" by the Italian ProgAwards group. 

Progression Magazine gave the album a 14 out of 16 rating, stating:

"Exhilarating is what comes to mind describing Steam Theory's second all-instrumental release. Maryland-based Jason Denkevitz, who records under the Steam Theory moniker, assembles an impressive pastiche of updated old-school prog moves including symphonic, fusion and acoustic folk texturing. Touches of world music and Pink Floyd-styled blues also manifest.

Denkevitz is a bona fide virtuoso on guitar and bass, and programs drums in a fashion sounding extremely close to the real thing. He also handles most keyboards and tosses in tasty orchestral samples. But what impresses most is his strong sense of melody and arrangement.

"Daedalus" shoots out of the gate with punchy, fiery fusion and is followed by the title cut, an amalgam of acoustic and electric guitar passages from the Steve Hackett school. The funky "Sunstorm"follows, featuring a playful synth lead. "Appalachia" and "The Mule" are expansive acoustic guitar workouts, while "Striker" feeds jazzy bits into a panoramic orchestration. "Camarilla" cinematically meshes symph-prog and world music.

Final two cuts "Portent" and "Walking Tall" follw a formula of instrumentally traversing the varied terrain of plains, valleys, trails, and mountains."


ENDURING DELIRIUM  was released August 5th, 2010. The debut release included Progressive Instrumental rock mixing elements of Rock, Fusion, World, and Classical. Guest musicians included Karras Johnson (Drums on 'Fable' and 'Barbican'), Sherif Shalaan (Keys on 'Paradigm'), and Roger Stewart (drums on 'Paradigm'). From review:

"Incorporating influences from Folk, Classical, Jazz and Rock music and influenced by the likes of 70's Prog masters, Steam Theory's debut is a beautiful journey into the world of challenging instrumental Progressive Rock music"




PANDIMENSIONAL FEDERATION OF PLANETS is a side project. Their debut self titled album was released in May 2014. The album featured Ori Boker on Keyboards, Jason on Guitar, Nick Costa on Drums, and Ernie Barnes on Bass. The 10 tracks are Jazz Fusion, written by Ori and Jason. Work has begun on a follow up CD.